Becoming Unstuck: The Who, What and Why.

I am learning to become 'unstuck' in the blog world again. Between the do's and do not's of blogging, branding and marketing speak, I got lost. Then, Lost met Wanderlust and entered Silence. Silence consumed me for the past two or so years.

Well, let's be completely honest here: I am more a creative than I am a business person. Give me too many options and restrictions along with calculations and statistics, and my brain will shut down and shrivel up into an old vanilla bean. And if you're a baker, you know how sad a shriveled vanilla bean is. Just like my cake designs, I like simplicity and straightforwardness.  

I also like transparency. And you know what? This was my greatest struggle with branding. There was a constant battle between marketing and branding my cakes as high-end luxury vs. not; between restricting my social media content to cake-related things vs. not; between perfection vs. not. With various, and at times contradicting, advice from peers and top professionals coming at me from various directions and angles, I needed to take a step aside to sort things out for myself. 

As much as I want my brand to be associated with fine, quality-ingredient cakes and clean, modern designs, I also want it to be associated with me, Miso. Sure, I want my brand to be perfumed with scents of sugar, chocolate, and celebrations, but, as much as that, I want my brand to smell... human.

Easily put, I want to share my joys and excitements with you. I want to share my flaws and setbacks with you. But most importantly, I want to hear your stories of life's journey as a professional, peer, or simply, as a being. At the end of the day, we are all human and with the same sole goal of "making it", so I stand before you, bare faced and all, to cheer you on, hear you out, and share the small and big joys of being both a creative and a person.